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Key Stuck in the Lock in the Middle of Nowhere

When people complain of car keys stuck in the lock in the middle of nowhere, they are faced with a disappointing situation. Our services as expert locksmiths cover a variety of problem areas including key extraction.  


Key Lock and internal Srings

You are in the Middle of Nowhere

It can be frustrating if you are far away from home and there you are with your car key stuck in the ignition lock. As depressing as this can be, we offer a way out as locksmiths to help you get your car moving again.

If you are in the middle of the highway or somewhere off-road and your key gets stuck, we realize you need help. As professionals in this field for so many years, we always counsel our customers on what to do. You need to ensure that you have the contact of your locksmith on your phone. This will help you when an emergency arises.

Putting a call through to us will be the next step to resolving any problem you have with your car keys and locks. As an affordable locksmith service provider, you can be sure of our consistently proven capacity and diligence.


Describing the Situation

The first step to resolving any circumstance is to have the details on what is going on exactly. When you are able to contact our customer care lines, our staff will be asking you some questions. This part is important so that we can be in a position to provide immediate service to you. If your car key won’t turn as a result of a lock defect, we know exactly what to do.


Car Keys won’t Turn

When this occurs, it is important that you ensure that it is not the wheel lock in the car that is the problem.  Three possible reasons for this situation include:

  • Sometimes, the wheel lock can stand in the way of your car keys turning. When you take off the key from many cars, it locks the wheel and the steering will fail to turn.
  • When your gear selector is not in place, some cars can have a problem with the key turning. Moving the selector to neutral can help or make sure it is on 'park'. This happens mostly with cars that use automatic transmission
  • The car battery might also be a problem. Most cars that have more electronic functions often have this problem. One way to always to be sure is to confirm the battery life and adhere to it


Key stuck in ignition lock

When your keys are stuck in ignition lock, it might just be that the cylinder on the ignition lock requires attention.  There are pins and springs designed to make your car key make contact when placed into the ignition. When these pins or springs are defective or unresponsive, your key will likely get stuck.

Sometimes springs can be lodged in the cylinder and your car key will get stuck as a result.   If by any means small pins are trapped in the cylinder, it can also become a problem.


Other Key Problems

A key might also be defective and as a result, won’t turn.  When a bent key is inside your car ignition, it won’t make proper contact and this can be a problem.

No matter how well you try to shift the wheels or slant the key, poor friction will stop the key from turning. This is an area where we step in to ensure that we can provide you a new key so that you can drive your car with peace of mind.

  • When using a manual key, it might get bent as a result of wear and tear
  • If it dropped on the floor and was struck by a heavier object, it might be damaged
  • Dirty keys can also be a problem. If some foreign material gets stuck on the edge, it can prevent the key from making the right contact when placed in the ignition.


Some car owners use multiple keys on the ring and picking the wrong key can damage your ignition or prevent it from turning. Always ensure that you are using the right key. Whether you are using a remote controlled key or a manual key, each has its own possible problems.

A remote key can fail to turn the ignition when the battery is dead. In other words, the sensors will fail to respond.  Changing the batteries can help you regain access and drive your car away.

Irrespective of the cause of the key problems, you can depend on us to help you out when you need it most. Our contact lines are open 24/7 to receive your call and you can be assured of our prompt services.

Help Is Just A Call Away!



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